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Riverton High School’s dress code explicitly states that in showing regard for their educational environment, students must refrain from attracting “undue attention or interfere with the instructional program” in order to “create an atmosphere of self-respect and respect for others.” So unless the Riverton, Wyo., based public school was hosting a Klan rally, can somebody please explain why two students showed up to class on Wednesday in white robes and hoods?


“It seems to be a very poor decision,” Terry Snyder, superintendent of Fremont County School District No. 25, told CNN. “They did not have an understanding of the impact that would create but they do now.”

You think?

Granted, Trump’s America is full of surprises—though his impeachment failed to elicit any shock or awe—but I would imagine these racist idiots’ choice of attire would make Picture Day or graduation a bit awkward.


“Two students entered Riverton High School here in Wyoming this morning [w]earing KKK robes, carrying American flags, and crosses smiling as if this is a joke,” Indigenous rights activist Micah Lott posted on Facebook. “They try to say racism is gone. [...] This is taught behavior, the Klan is alive and well in Riverton, Wyoming yo. We all knew it.”

The school district does not publicly disclose how its students are disciplined, but Snyder maintains that the supremacists in question never expressed any offensive remarks or racist ideologies—though it’s rumored they’ll fail gym class for burning crosses on the school soccer field.

“It is important we teach that respect and understanding and we have additional work to do obviously and we will do that work,” Snyder said. “We do not condone or support the student’s actions. We have taken disciplinary measures and have handled it. One student’s decision does not represent our school or district. We are an inclusive school that is proud of our diverse population and celebrate that fact regularly.”


I don’t know about the school having a “diverse population”—only 10 percent of students enrolled are not white—but hopefully, for their sake, this matter is properly addressed.

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