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According to MSNBC, musician and activist Wyclef Jean has released a new song, "Justice (If You're 17)," dedicated to Trayvon Martin and other young men his age.


The Haitian-born veteran hip-hop producer, best known for his role in the Fugees and his work in his home country, said in a press release, "When I think of Martin Luther King Jr. and his statement 'injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,' I had to do something. This did not start with Trayvon. We can no longer say, this is not my kid. This affects everyone and we all know a 17-year-old."

MSNBC reports:  

The Fugees musician teamed up with Prescribed and J. Williams to create a track titled "Justice (If You're 17)" in dedication to Martin, which was dropped today as a free download.

"Justice" starts with the lyrics, "If you're 17/And you're wearing a hoodie/You're on the phone/Talking to your shorty/Make no mistake/There's one like you/In every city/You know the story," and later continues with, "If you're 17 with a hoodie on/ Watch out for the neighborhood watcher/ If you're at the right neighborhood at the wrong time/ Neighborhood watcher/ This might be your last call to your girlfriend/ The neighborhood watcher/ Man I feel for you if you're 17."

Listen to Jean's "Justice (If You're 17)."

Read more at MSNBC.

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