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Gawker writer fired for Kanye West n-word post: Things normally don't end well when you make light of someone's deceased mother and use a racial slur against them in the same paragraph. The Gawker writer who came up with his own snarky take on what "DONDA" stood for and lost his job as a result has learned the hard way that while Kanye can go on irreverent, offensive rants and be rewarded with a popularity boost, different rules apply to the people who cover his antics.


Black celebs promoting weight loss: Will it help? Tell the truth! Are you not at least a little inspired by Janet and J-Hud?

Deportation case makes immigration "our issue": Nicole Lee, president of Trans Africa, says that the story of the Houston teen sent to Colombia has everything to do with racial profiling and should hit close to home for black Americans.


Jobless rate drops to 8.5 percent: Finally, some good news: The country added 200,000 jobs in December.

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