Wrist Slap for Idaho Cop Who Sexually Assaulted Suspect with Taser

From Raw Story:

A Boise, Idaho, police officer who pushed a Taser inside a man’s buttocks and threatened to “Taser his balls” violated use-of-force policy, but didn’t break the law, an ombudsman has found.


The man in question, whose identity is being withheld, plans to sue the Boise police.

On February 14 of this year, the “complainant,” as he is called in police reports, physically blocked the door to his residence when police arrived to investigate a domestic disturbance. Believing the police officers, who he claims did not identify themselves, to be a person coming to “beat him up,” he refused to allow them entry.


When officers forced their way in, “three officers rushed in and within nine seconds, had the man face down on the floor and had deployed the Taser against the small of his back. Only after the first [tasing] did they order his hands behind his back,” reports the Boise Weekly.

In a report, Boise Community Ombudsman Pierce Murphy “said the officer who used the Taser — described as Officer #3 in the report — also coarsely threatened to use the Taser in the man’s anus and genitals. Murphy’s report says that use of Taser on a man’s buttock’s does not violate policy in and of itself,” reports the Idaho Statesman.


Read the rest of the article and hear the audio of the altercation here.

Well…thank goodness they didn't violate policy or break the law.

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