Wrapping Paper Roll Call: In Celebration of Big Auntie Energy

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We aren’t your moms—but we love up on you like you’re our own. We’re always here with an ear and ready to come through in the clutch. We give the best hugs, the best advice, and the best gifts. We know how to turn up—but always hold you down. We’re your aunties...and what have you done for us, lately?


If you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty big on aunties here at The Root. Not only does one of our editors host a series titled Auntie Unfiltered (which you should check out, if you haven’t already), but most of The Root’s editorial leadership is comprised of aunties—which might explain why our content is equal parts educational, unflinching, empathetic, and entertaining. As many a Black community knows, aunties are both the cornerstones and the largely unsung heroes—in fact, we comprise much of that storied “village” it takes to raise a child. While we’re sometimes blood relations, we’re often also friends, neighbors, in-laws, and mentors, as recently noted in British Vogue:

[A]long with my mom, my aunties were visions of what life could look like when I eventually decided who I would be—a panorama of Black womanhood that included professionals, stay-at-home mothers, and the flyest “spinsters” I had ever seen. And by virtue of the ease they had in their bodies, my aunties radiated an attitude of feeling good about yourself, especially the healthier and curvier you were, that predated the idea of body positivity...I still aim for the flair of my favorite aunties when I pick clothes, move through the world, and reflect on how I feel about myself. So much about having aunties is the emotional experience of always feeling looked after...

“Every child should have a childless auntie with a good job,” my best friend frequently joked in college. Twenty years later, I am that auntie, regularly spoiling her son (my godson) and my niece and nephew with an abundance of gifts and cuddles. So when I spotted Ebonée Woodfork, co-founder of the recently launched lifestyle brand Rich Auntie Energy, in our shared neighborhood wearing a logo-bearing jogger set (coincidentally, while shopping for the little ones in our respective lives), I felt...seen.

“Rich Auntie Energy was really just like an affirmation that just turned into a lifestyle,” Woodfork explained on a recent phone call. “It really started as jokes on social media—you know, the memes that go around, especially around holidays, about the rich auntie sitting there...I just wanted to make something that represented me and wanted it to be more than just a meme...I wanted to solidify my place in this crazy world.”

After a shot of her self-affirming tee earned rave reviews on social media, her sister (and fellow auntie) Alexis Caldwell convinced Woodfork to channel Rich Auntie Energy into a full lifestyle brand, which the duo launched this June.


“We’re the single childless aunties who are super proud of our station in life, and we’re super proud of the power and the freedom that comes with it, especially because so many young, successful Black women are told that they aren’t successful if they don’t have a man to their left and a child to their right,” said Woodfork. “And we want women to know that you still have power and you should own that power, and there’s nothing wrong with living the life that you want to live. We don’t have to follow anyone’s rules. We make our own rules; we’re rich aunties.”


Still, you don’t have to be rich, single or childless to embody the brand’s energy. As Woodfork explains, the Rich Auntie ethos is about being abundant in love, wisdom and quintessential auntie-ness.

“Rich Auntie is for all aunties—young aunties, adventurous aunties, single aunties, married aunties...I don’t want people to think Rich Auntie is only for single, childless women,” says Woodfork. “Rich Auntie Energy is really, when I think about it first, I think about the women who raised me and the women who nurtured and mentored me. Those are my aunts, by relation and relationships.”


This Black Friday, Rich Auntie Energy’s “Rich Auntie Gang” and “Lit Auntie Energy” shirts are on sale—with free shipping for all orders. What else do your aunties (and moms, and sisters, and sister-friends) deserve this holiday season?

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As it turns out, there’s more than one rich auntie on the block—which is fine, because there are never too many, as far as we’re concerned! Besides, influencer and bestselling author Ty Alexander’s online shop Obsessorized has expanded well beyond the auntie genre, meaning you can celebrate all the other qualities that make Black women great, too.


Maiysha Kai is managing editor of The Glow Up, host of The Root Presents: It's Lit! podcast and Big Beauty Tuesdays, and your average Grammy-nominated goddess next door. May I borrow some sugar?