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Well, most of us over here at The Root aren't sociologists (and the only thing this non-sports fan would choose the Super Bowl over is The Glenn Beck Show, or maybe that "test of the emergency broadcast system" screen that still comes on occasionally). So we'll skip the analysis and just give you the numbers on this one:

An online survey of more than 1,000 people by the dating site Zoosk found that 73 percent of women would rather watch the Super Bowl than have sex. (Wait, does that mean, like, any time, or just during that two-hour block? More on the research methodology, please.)


Men, on the other hand, were split down the middle on their preferred activity. 

Other interesting stats:

Voted hottest player in Sunday's game: The Steelers' Ryan Clark

Percent of survey takers most excited about the game itself: 57

Percent looking most forward to the commercials: 20

Who would make the best drinking buddy? Brett Favre, for men. Women would opt to get Tom Brady tipsy.

Of course, we're curious to know where The Root readers come out on these questions. Express yourself in the comments. And enjoy the game — if that's how you choose to spend your Sunday.

Read more at Zoosk.

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