Woman Who Wanted to Keep Michigan Town White ‘As Possible’ Withdraws Her City Council Bid, But Not Before Saying More Racist Nonsense

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Jean Cramer, a city council candidate in Michigan who publicly said she wanted to keep her community as white “as possible,” withdrew her candidacy on Monday.


For the first time since espousing her racist views at a candidate forum last week, Cramer showed the barest sliver of good sense, submitting a one-sentence letter to Marysville City Hall: “I am writing this letter to withdraw as a City Council candidate for the Marysville City Council election on Nov. 5, 2019,” she wrote, according to the New York Times.

Previously, Cramer made national news for saying the quiet part of the whole MAGA screed out loud, answering a question about attracting foreign-born residents to Marysville by saying the town should have “no foreign people” and be a “white community as much as possible.”

Cramer didn’t stop there. Seemingly eager to cross off every single box on the Unrepentantly Unseasoned checklist, Cramer also cited the Bible in opposition against interracial marriages, saying at the forum, “(A) husband and wife need to be the same race. Same thing with kids. That’s how it’s been from the beginning of, how can I say, when God created the heaven and the earth.”

“He created Adam and Eve at the same time,” she continued, as though Eve weren’t a whole-ass black woman.

And of course, Cramer insisted that saying racist things didn’t make her a racist.

“As far as me being against blacks, no I’m not,” she said.


Of course, the good people of Marysville, a 95 percent white town about 55 miles northeast of Detroit, were shocked and verklempt. Pearls were clutched! Outrage was expressed! Tutts were tutted!

Yet, until yesterday, Ms. Jean was undeterred, and going as far to double-down on her views to her local newspaper, the Times Herald:

“As far as I know, as long as we’ve been here, Marysville has been a white community, a white city,” she said. “… If we have seen a black person here and there, whatever, we’re not bothered by it. I’m not bothered by it.”


And the completely not racist 67-year-old wanted to make clear that interracial marriage was still spiritually gross and improper and all that. Really, can’t you unholy lovers just covet your forbidden, un-melanated fruit without having to walk down the aisle with it???

“For whatever reason, I’ve heard, they love each other, whatever, but there’s also such a thing as remaining single. People don’t necessarily have to get married, and, if they love somebody, love them single. There’s nothing wrong with that.”


At any rate, Cramer isn’t actually going to be off the ballot come November—as the Times reports, she would have had to withdraw her candidacy in April to do that. So there is technicaaaaally a chance this racist bat could slink her way into office after all. Good times!

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Remind me why racism isn’t a form of mental illness again? Because that is some crazy ass stuff that no sane person should be able to spout straight faced?