Jessica Sanders
Cook County, Ill., Sheriff’s Office

A white woman who shouted racial slurs at a black couple in a video that went viral over the summer is now facing a hate crime charge, DNAinfo reports.

Jessica Sanders, 26, was arrested last week and charged with a hate crime and battery, according to the report. Her bail has been set at $50,000.


Prosecutors detailed how Sanders berated the black couple after an argument back in July over a beanbag game at Chicago's Margarita Fest.

Ernest Crim and his wife, Cassie, were hoping to play but could find only one beanbag, Assistant State's Attorney Erin Antonietti said during a bond hearing. Sanders, who was playing nearby, tossed a beanbag but never went to get it, so Cassie Crim went to get it.

Sanders started verbally attacking Cassie Crim, repeatedly calling her a n—ger. Ernest Crim started recording the incident. At one point Sanders knocked his phone out of his hands.

Editor's note: Video contains language and imagery that some may find offensive:


“If you hit me, you’re a [n—ger],” Sanders can be heard taunting Ernest Crim in the video.

Sanders is seen later in the video spitting in the Crims' direction. Cassie Crim said that some of the saliva hit her on her harm.


"What [Sanders] did is just a symptom of something that society, this country, is producing. She's just outward with it. Before this even happened, this has been a rough summer being a black person," Ernest Crim told DNAinfo.

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