Woman Who Filmed Aftermath of Botham Jean Shooting Says She Has Received Death Threats, Was Fired From Her Job as a Result

Botham Jean shown in a Sept. 21, 2017 photo
Botham Jean shown in a Sept. 21, 2017 photo
Photo: Jeff Montgomery (Harding University via AP Photo)

A woman who is a resident of the Southside Flats apartments in Dallas—where Botham Jean was killed by his police officer neighbor Amber Guyger—says she has been fired from her job and has been the target of death threats since she posted the video online.


ABC News reports that the woman, who only wants to be identified as “Bunny,” told Advise Media Network in an interview that she began recording about 60 seconds after she heard two gunshots followed by a man asking “Oh my God. Why did you do that?”

Bunny said she only uploaded the video after she saw reports in the media that were contradicted by the video she made.

Guyger, 30, claimed she shot Jean, 26, after mistaking his apartment for her own and thinking he was an intruder. She said she parked on the fourth floor instead of the third where she lived and went to Jean’s door, thinking it was hers. He lived on the floor above her.

In the interview, Bunny said that Guyger’s version of events did not add up because she “would have had to walk down two pretty long hallways to get to his door” and those hallways have a lot of signage that would have alerted Guyger to the fact that she was on the wrong floor.

Guyger said that when she inserted her key into Jean’s lock, the door pushed open—something that has been attributed to it possibly being ajar when she got there.

Bunny said that apartment doors in the building “shut as soon as your release them,” making it unlikely that Jean’s door was ajar when Guyger approached it.


Bunny filmed Guyger from a lower floor and captured her pacing outside Jean’s apartment while talking on her phone. Bunny said it appeared Guyger was on a personal call—and not calling 911. She also said Guyger did not attempt to give medical aid to Jean.

“It was just a lot of crying, a lot of hysterics,” Bunny said. “She was just pacing back-and-forth for at least seven minutes, according to my video.”


Bunny also said that when police arrived on the scene, one officer told Guyger that she was “doing too much,” and another took her cell phone from her.

In addition to uploading the video to social media, Bunny said she also turned it over to the Dallas County District Attorney’s office. It was after she uploaded the video that the harassment started.


“I did get a few threats from people saying they weren’t gonna leave any witnesses behind, telling me I need to watch my back, things like that,” she said.

She also said that trolls found the name of the pharmaceutical company that she worked for and began making harassing phone calls. They also found the company Facebook page and made posts calling her a “radical,” “anti-police,” and “a black extremist.”


The company let Bunny go, she said, and told her that they “didn’t want their company associated with a high-profile case.” When she threatened to go to the media with her story, she said the company then blacklisted her credentials, making it impossible for her to get further work in her field.

Bunny declined to reveal the name of the company, and ABC was unable to verify whether or not she was fired and if it was, in fact, in relation to the Botham Jean shooting.

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