Woman Records Alleged Rape by Parole Officer so Cops Will Believe Her

Zachary Thomas Bailey
Local 10 Screenshot
Zachary Thomas Bailey
Local 10 Screenshot

A South Florida woman videotaped her parole officer sexually assaulting her so that she could prove to police that she was, in fact, raped and so that the officer couldn't revoke her parole, a claim the victim says he made several times, according to WSVN.


According to police who spoke with the news station, 50-year-old Zachary Thomas Bailey told the victim that he needed to perform a "study" of her Coral Springs home the first time he reportedly sexually abused her. During the visit, Bailey allegedly blocked the victim in her bedroom and touched her genitals.

Bailey reportedly returned the next day, asking the victim for a massage. When the victim refused, Bailey allegedly took off his clothes, put on a condom and raped the woman, the news station reported. The woman recorded the incident on her cellphone because she was afraid that if she did not have proof, Bailey would violate her parole, WSVN reported. According to the woman, during both sexual assaults, her young daughter was in the next room.

"The video is extremely explicit," the victim's attorney, Bradford Cohen, told the news station. "It actually shows what her accusations are."

"The victim said, 'This is rape. This is rape. I don't want you to do this,' " said Coral Springs Police Lt. Joe McCue, who viewed the video footage. "Unfortunately, she was in fear that if she reported this, he would violate her probation and put her back in jail."

Bailey reportedly left the condom in the victim's home, and police are using both the condom and the video as evidence.

"This is someone who is hired to protect you," McCue told WSVN, "and you don't expect your probation officer to be acting in this manner."


Bailey, who worked with the Florida Department of Corrections for over 25 years, was fired Wednesday and arrested. He has been charged with two counts of sexual battery, and police are urging any other victims to come forward. 

"At this time, we're really uncertain if there's additional victims out there or not. However, if there is additional victims, you need to go to the authorities," said McCue. "Don't be afraid your probation is going to be violated. It's very important that you come forward."


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Over 25 years. No way this is his first time. Justice would be a sentence of 25 years in jail.