Dorothy Onyekasi

A 41-year-old mother of three was arrested after she attempted to smuggle 1.72 kilograms of cocaine into Nigeria from Dubai, authorities say.

According to the Daily Mail, Dorothy Onyekasi was on a flight from Dubai when a screening of passengers was conducted. Onyekasi was arrested at Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, Nigeria, after authorities say she faked a pregnant belly to hide a belt bag that carried 86 pellets, which Nigeria's National Drug Law Enforcement Agency said tested positive for cocaine.


In a statement that authorities say Onyekasi made to the NDLEA, she called her involvement with drug trafficking a "mistake."

She reportedly added: "I am a businesswoman living in Lagos. I am separated from my husband, who left me with three children. I traveled to Dubai to buy goods. While I was preparing to return, I met a man in Dubai who gave me the drug and promised to give me enough money to expand my business. He also told me that when I get to Nigeria, he will call his partner to collect the drug and give me my money."

Onyekasi has yet to be officially charged, but the NDLEA tweeted out this warning for anyone attempting to smuggle drugs into the country: "Whether feigned pregnancy, private part, socks, wheelchair, electronics or ingested, NDLEA will catch you. Be warned."


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