Wisconsin Rep Misses Debt Vote, Takes Heat

U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore
U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore

Eugene Kane, in his Milwaukee Journal Sentinel blog, take his congressional representative, Democrat Gwen Moore, to task for missing the vote to raise the debt ceiling.


Frankly, I'm disappointed Rep. Gwen Moore missed the debt ceiling vote.

It seems inexcusable to miss such a high-profile vote some members of Congress managed to make even with serious medical difficulties; reportedly Moore just had to cross the street.


It's also regrettable Wisconsin's only African-American member of Congress missed the vote because it allowed lots of anonymous Internet trolls the opportunity to spew more racist nonsense about Moore and her constituents.

Usually, I support Moore because I believe she fights the right battles. But I also believe she has to come to voters with a sincere explanation for this in the next few days.

We elect politicians to represent our interests; they can't do that if they don't vote.

Read Eugene Kane's complete post at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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