By age 12 I was pretty clear on the reality that I was male and that I was attracted to the opposite sex. It wasn’t a thing I had to learn, it was something I knew inherently. I imagine if you asked Boosie, he’d tell you the same of his own lived experience as a 12-year old child. So why is it so hard for him and others like him to imagine that people of non-heteronormative sexuality or people whose gender identity falls somewhere on a spectrum outside of a binary, come by their understandings of themselves just as naturally as us hetero, cis-gender folk do? Why can’t Boosie imagine that if Zaya were to meet a woman and fall in love with her when she turns 16, that she would still be very much capable of having a mutually consented relationship with her, penis or no?


At this point, I fear the easier question is the one I started with: Why can’t Boosie just shut it and mind his own damn business?