Will Oprah Stop Appearing on the Cover of O?

O Magazine

For years Oprah Winfrey has literally been the face of O magazine, gracing the cover since its inception. But the gruelingly long shoots may be taking a toll.

Winfrey is reportedly thinking about bringing an end to her days as a cover girl for the magazine she famously founded in 2000, because she is worn down by the rigorous demands of sometimes having to pose for as many as three covers in a daylong shoot, the New York Post reports. That has led the staff to begin a frantic search for a way to replace Oprah’s iconic image on the magazine.

One idea that is reportedly being floated is to decorate the cover with big letter Os, according to the Post. The news may prove disappointing to fans of Oprah, who only a few years ago pulled the plug on The Oprah Winfrey Show, which made her both a media sensation and mogul.


Read more at the New York Post.

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