Women participate in SlutWalk. (Getty Images)
Women participate in SlutWalk. (Getty Images)

In a blog entry at Loop21, Keli Goff tackles the concept of disrobing in the name of feminist ideology, more specifically the "SlutWalk." It was designed to protest blaming victims of sexual violence. Goff likens the effort to marching against people who use the n-word.

The only thing more irritating than people doing absolutely nothing to make the world a better place are those actively trying to make it worse, but coming in a strong third?


Those whose well-meaning efforts to make the world better are so misguided that they actually make things worse.

I was reminded of this when I happened upon the "Slutwalk" protest taking place in New York this past weekend … with my mother. (If you're looking for something super memorable to do with your mom in the Big Apple might I just say that Broadway shows have nothing on watching a bunch of adults parading around in their underwear in broad daylight in the name of allegedly making a serious political statement.) 

Now before the SlutWalk army gets their undergarments in a twist and adds me to their enemies list, let me state for the record that we are on the same side when it comes to the issues. But when it comes to execution in addressing said issues? Not so much.

Read Keli Goff's entire blog entry at Loop21.

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