WikiLeaks supporters

MSNBC is reporting that online battles continued across cyberspace between the group's supporters and firms accused of trying to stifle the "whistleblower" after WikiLeaks released new U.S. diplomatic cables on Friday. The latest leaks reveal worries over Myanmar's nuclear ambitions. Myanmar's military government has long been suspected of trying to develop nuclear capability with help from Pyongyang, but most analysts believe the impoverished southeast Asian nation remains well short of its goal.

The leaks also revealed information about Pfizer Inc., which hired investigators to uncover "corruption links" to Nigeria's former attorney general to stop federal cases against it over a 1996 drug study in which 11 children died. In May 2009, Pfizer and Nigeria announced a $75 million settlement over the meningitis drug study. Some children allegedly suffered paralysis or slurred speech. Interesting. It isn't just governments that face exposure.

An all-out war is taking place between supporters and opponents of WikiLeaks in cyberspace. "Hactivists" have even launched an attack called Operation Payback on Sarah Palin's political action committee, Mastercard and Visa. WikiLeaks is not going away anytime soon. We suspect the online battle isn't either.

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