Widower of Joe Scarborough Staffer Begs Twitter to Remove Trump’s Conspiracy Tweets Claiming His Wife Was Murdered

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Trump will stop at nothing to berate his opponents. For weeks, he’s been engaging in white-on-white violence with the married hosts of Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. For those who haven’t been up on the news, or for those who’ve been ignoring the news for their own mental health, let me give y’all the play-by-play:


In 2001, Lori Klausutis, 28, died after fainting and hitting her head while working in a Florida regional office for Scarborough, who was a congressman at this time. There was no evidence of foul play; in fact, it was found that Klausutis’ death was just a freak accident as she had an undiagnosed heart condition, yet that hasn’t stopped the president from using his platform to imply that something fishy took place and Scarborough, who has been a consistent Trump critic, is at the bottom of it all.

It’s almost as if Scarborough was friends with an evil millionaire who no one knows how he made his millions, yet all of his friends were rich, wealthy white men, who…

Managing Editor Genetta Adams: Stephen is this another Jeffery Epstein rant?

Me: No. Why would you even say that? This is just a hypothetical about a rich man with an island and underaged...

Adams: Yep, we’ve talked about this….

Me: (yells) Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself! (runs from room).

Doesn’t matter that there has never been anything even remotely connecting Scarborough to anything, Trump is still on his ass. On May 12, the president (I think it’s important that I remind everyone that this Twitter troll is the president of the United States) tweeted:


“I’m asking you to intervene in this instance because the President of the United States has taken something that does not belong him—the memory of my dead wife—and perverted it for perceived political gain,” Timothy J. Klausutis wrote in a letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (pdf), which was dated last week but gained traction Tuesday when the New York Times’ Kara Swisher published it in an op-ed, Politico reports.

As of May 26, the tweet is still up on the president’s official Twitter. In fact, Twitter informed Klausutis that they had no plans to remove the tweet and apologized for the pain this tweet is causing his family.


“We are deeply sorry about the pain these statements, and the attention they are drawing, are causing the family,” the spokesperson said in a statement, Politico reports. “We’ve been working to expand existing product features and policies so we can more effectively address things like this going forward, and we hope to have those changes in place shortly.”

Basically, “we are a company that cares about profit and drama and the president being batshit brings both, so we don’t care.”


Of course, after Klausutis’ letter gained traction, Trump continued to push his conspiracy theories, because the president isn’t much better than the white boys on the dark web who appeal to Doja Cat.

From Politico:

And on Tuesday, after Klausutis’ letter drew widespread attention, Trump doubled down on Twitter. He incorrectly described it as a cold case, called Scarborough a “Psycho” and wrote, “So many unanswered & obvious questions, but I won’t bring them up now! Law enforcement eventually will?”

In his letter, Klausutis suggested to Dorsey that “Twitter’s policies about content are designed to maintain the appearance that your hands are clean.” Per his reading of Twitter’s terms of service, he said, other users would be banned for tweets like Trump’s.

Klausutis also wrote of the enduring pain his wife’s loved ones feel over her early death, and how the conspiracy theories have made it harder for them to move on.

“I have mourned my wife every day since her passing. I have tried to honor her memory and our marriage,” he wrote. “As her husband, I feel that one of my marital obligations is to protect her memory as I would have protected her in life.”

Senior Editor @ The Root, boxes outside my weight class, when they go low, you go lower.



I got a Tweet for the president:

“Why don’t we get his tax returns? Why don’t we talk to the 25+ women who have accused Trump of rape? When will we see justice on his family’s record of racial housing discrimination? What about his mob ties? What about his witness tampering in cases involving his investigation?”-Real Americans