Widow of Slain Jogger Allegedly Killed by Former Texas A&M Football Player Commits Suicide: Police

Dave and Patti Stevens 
Dallas Morning News via Twitter

The widow of a Dallas jogger stabbed to death in a random attack earlier this month reportedly took her own life in the wake of her husband's murder, police say, according to NBC News

A mere week before taking her own life, Patti Stevens, 54, spoke to the Dallas Morning News about her husband. "Dave was the love of my life and I'm lost without him," the widow told the newspaper Oct. 19, the network notes. "People need to know that this was a wonderful person going out and doing what he loved to do."


Dave Stevens was allegedly stabbed to death by Thomas Johnson, a former college football star, who is reportedly struggling with mental issues and who, authorities say, selected the man at random because he was "angry about a situation." 

The 53-year-old Stevens was running along White Rock Creek Trail Oct. 12 when he was reportedly attacked by Johnson, 21, who played for Texas A&M as a freshman before abruptly leaving the university following an unexplained disappearance that prompted a search. 


Johnson reportedly called 911 to report the crime and confessed that he had randomly picked Stevens because of something he was going through. Johnson's father says that his son was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2014, the network notes. 

"This disease is killing a lot of people," Robert Johnson said, according to NBC. "I can't say enough how sorry I am for the loss of these two people. And I've lost a son behind this disease."


Robert Johnson hopes that the tragedy will open up discussion for better services for those grappling with mental illness. "I wish I could turn back the hands of time, to try to make a difference, to try to change things, but I can't," he added. 

Dave and Patti Stevens had been married for 25 years. After her husband's death, the widow had trouble eating and sleeping. On Sunday friends became concerned when they couldn't reach her and asked the Dallas County Sheriff's Office to conduct a check. When deputies went to the house Sunday afternoon, they found Patti Stevens dead. 


"We believe she took her own life," Dallas County Sheriff's Office spokesman Raul Reyna said. 

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