Why Your Mate's Character is More Important Than Money

Let me offer this quick tip to you as a public service announcement: If you desire a truly healthy relationship with someone, focus more on their character than the amount of currency they make or have.

It seems that in today’s society, there is a lot more focus placed on income and not enough attention on people’s character. Unfortunately, a number of men and women have resolved within themselves to list income as an item on their future mate checklist. God forbid they run across someone who meets the majority of the core areas like love, respect, compassion, etc., but happens to work in education or in a factory. Is someone who meets all of the character requirements, but only makes $30-$50K automatically ruled out?


I know it sounds absurd, but I’m sure many of you have heard of stories where a friend, family member or co-worker may have eliminated someone from consideration because they didn’t make enough money. If you haven’t experienced this personally, consider yourself lucky to not have had to deal with such superficiality. I believe our culture’s infatuation with money and success has been one of the contributing factors to the decline of healthy relationships. However, that’s entirely different topic to deal with.

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