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Why One Man Chose Celibacy

Armond E. Mosley, author of Rededication: A Story of Sex, Repentance and Restoration, explains in a piece for Ebony how his spiritual path led him from sexual conquests to chastity.

… I began my freshman year at Howard University, a campus with far more females than males. Casual sex became the norm. In the dorm, my boys and I would give full reports on the girls we'd been with. Still, there was still part of me that felt more disconnected from God every time I had intercourse …

A few months later, I heard God whisper: "Be celibate for one year." I knew it was what I needed to hear. I called two of my Christian friends and told them what I'd experienced. They admitted that they, too, wanted to get back in alignment with their faith, so we made a pact to recommit to abstinence and hold each other accountable. For 18 months.

I was celibate — and began to wear my abstinence as a badge of pride rather than a journey of humility.

In 2006, I hit a low point. As the housing market deteriorated, my real estate business spiraled into bankruptcy. I was ticked off with God. In my immaturity, I thought, 'How could You do this to me after I gave you 18 months?' I now know God was using the experience to bring me back to Him. At church one Sunday, the minister said, "God sometimes gets our attention by conviction, confrontation and constriction."


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