Why Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders Reportedly Getting Secret Service Protection?

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White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has dominated the headlines this week after a restaurant owner in Lexington, Va., refused to serve her Friday night and asked her to leave. There are now reports that Sanders will receive special protection from the Secret Service.


A law enforcement official told NBC News’ Pete Williams that the temporary protection for Huckabee Sanders at her home could begin as early as Wednesday. While the Secret Service is not commenting on the reports, sources have told CBS News that it is possible other White House staffers will receive protection as well, since, as president, Donald Trump is able to personally sign off on Secret Service protections for members of the White House staff.


Why would Huckabee Sanders need Secret Service protection, and who is paying for it? Is this more manufactured drama out of the Trump administration, or is there some other type of threat that the public has not been made aware of yet?

Is this all happening just because a restaurant owner told Smoky Eyes to take her business elsewhere?

I’m taking rumors, bets, speculation and conjecture in the comments.

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Because she is a snowflake...like all those other people who works for Trump.

Don’t like being yelled at for being shit people?

Don’t work in public service.