SZA - Kill Bill (Audio)

While I hope SZA doesn’t actually kill her ex, the emotional pull of the music—the rage, the hatred—mirrors feelings a lot of those in romantic relationships have felt from time to time


Perhaps the best example of how SZA captures a moment is on the track “Gone Girl,” a beautiful breakup song where she sings about the emotions she feels in a relationship and why she thinks it’s best for her and her partner to just part ways. She sings, “Can’t think, it’s too hard to process/Get around you and I regress/I decide what demons I digest/I’m just tired of repeatin’, I digress/Tryna find deeper meanin’ in nonsense/Tryna grow without hatin’ the process/Tired of anticipating the worst yet/Still anticipating the worst.”

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a woman who’s had enough of her current relationship. With each song, SZA is sharing a new relatable emotion with the listeners. On “F2F,” a pop-rock track, SZA sings about having make-up sex with other men because she misses her ex.


These relatable emotions that SZA displays along with her magical way of combining sounds, genres and themes on one album are what have made this particular release so noteworthy, thus already making it one of the most popular albums of 2023.