Why Does Chris Brown Want to ‘Transform’ Twitter Into a Therapy Session?

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Yes, Chris, we know. We know you’re sorry. We know you regret the events surrounding “that” night. We know Rihanna was the love of your life. We know you like to wear distractingly large bowties. And now, thanks to your Twitter page, we really know how much you miss her. Twitter is indeed the premier outlet for self-promotion, dialogue with fans and other celebrities, and even a destination for random thoughts, but there are some feelings that just don’t need to be shared with 97,000+ strangers – oops – I mean followers.


For example, Brown posting a link to a Youtube video of he and ex-girlfriend Rihanna at the peak of their coupledom, placed over a sappy, melodramatic love ballad is one of those things that would be better left un-tweeted. Following that tweet with one that says, “FOR THE FELLAS: showing emotion doesn't make u weak… BEING HONEST MAKES U STRONG,” is also a no-no. Sure, being honest can be a testament to one’s strength, but sharing intimate thoughts about one of the most controversial relationships of the decade makes you silly.

I don’t get celebrities. They claim to want private lives and ask that personal matters remain personal, but are quick to put their own business in the streets and get mad when celebrity bloggers, well…blog about it. Why make yourself a target? But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Brown wasn’t using Twitter as his own confessional. Maybe he was using it to garner sympathy (which equals record sales) and attention for his new singles (one of which, “Crawl,” begs a woman to come back to him). Either way, it’s an over share, and quite frankly, I’m over it. *Un-follow*


In case you’re interested, here’s his new video for “I Can Transform Ya.”


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