Why Do Blacks Have a 'Victim Mentality?' and Other Questions From an Ohio School's White History Assignment

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An Ohio high school district is probably not under fire after a recent history assignment helped students explore the subject “How to be a pro racist.”


According to the National Center for Education statistics, Waverly High School in Waverly, Ohio is 96 percent white, boasting a grand total of six Black students during the 2019-2020 school year. The town has a long history as a “sundown town,” a city that forbade non-white residents after dark (a 1900 news story explains that “Negroes are not allowed to live in Waverly), which explains why the school’s history teacher needed a video from the white-nationalist-adjacent Prager U to instruct its students on the problems of Black America.

The Scioto Valley Guardian reports:

Donald Martin, who is a history teacher at Waverly High School created the assignment for his students, which required them to watch a video and answer essay questions about the “history” of African-Americans. The title of the paper was “5 issues facing blacks discussion and review questions.”

A picture of the assignment was posted on social media after one student became concerned with the questions, calling it inflammatory and insensitive...

According to parents, the assignment was handed out on Monday. Parents who were concerned said they voiced their complaints with the district’s superintendent, who reportedly told them that the assignment was handed out in error by a substitute teacher. It was reported to parents that the assignment was initially uploaded online as an assignment last week, but that it was pulled from the website on Thursday, unbeknownst to the substitute teacher who reportedly handed it out on Monday in paper-form.

The video assignment is from the bastion of far-right propaganda known as Praeger U, which “sits at this border between going off a cliff into conspiracy thinking and extreme kinds of prejudices in the name of anti-political correctness,” said Lawrence Rosenthal, the Chair of the Berkeley Center for Right-Wing Studies’ according to the New York Times. The video is hosted by Candace Owens’ mentor (no seriously) Taleeb Starks, author of such worst-sellers as “Black Lies Matter: Why lies matter to the Race Grievance Industry, the anti-Colin Kaepoernick tome The Gospel of Knee-sus and Religion of Victimanity, and of course The Uncivil War: Blacks vs. Niggers.

While The Root could not find any evidence of Starkes’ education or credentials, his contribution to Donald Trump’s white history mixtape, The 1776 project, automatically makes him a noted scholar on historical fiction. Starkes’ Prager U video essentially lists Black America’s five biggest problems, the victim mentality, a lack of diversity, Black on Black crime, and baby mamas and their “unwavering loyalty to progressive policies.” You gotta watch it for yourself.

Again, this was a school assignment. By a teacher. With a degree and everything.

But student’s weren’t just assigned the video, they were responsible for completing a handout of short-answer questions, including:

  1. Why do you think that churches, parents, and schools perpetuate this victim mentality?
  2. Considering the recent, obvious success of blacks, such as Barack Obama being elected to the presidency twice, why do you think that many young blacks so readily accept the victim mentality?
  3. What factors do you think contribute to the black community being so largely monolithic in their thoughts and opinions regarding race, especially their own?
  4. Why do you think so many blacks are killing other blacks?
  5. Considering [how progressive policies aggravate problems by “fostering and exploiting the victim mentality, discouraging self-examination, subsidizing baby mamas, and making excuses for black-thugs”] why do you think that many blacks continue to support and vote for progressive politicians?
  6. What do you think motivates many blacks to make excuses?

Look, I understand. Teachers teach what they care about. My 8th-grade literature teacher once spent an entire class period teaching us how to pronounce “Houyhnhnms”–the fictional race of horses in Gulliver’s Travels. I don’t know why that was such an imperative. I still have never balanced a chemistry equation in real life or figured out the square root of something. I’m sure it will happen, just as I am sure this knowledge will come in handy.

For instance, when I called Waverly High School’s district office (which is located in the high school) to speak to the superintendent, the “monolithic thoughts” I gained from the Black community told me that the woman on the other end might be lying when she informed me that Superintendant Edward Dickens wasn’t in today. After leaving a message, my “victim mentality” told me that he wouldn’t call back, which was confirmed when I called the principal and explained that I was a reporter from The Root. That’s when a different woman told me that the principal wasn’t in, but she could put me through to the superintendent. The superintendent also didn’t respond to my emails, but then again, I’m always making excuses for white thugs.

I’m sure they’ll call me back.

I’m one of the good “blacks.”



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