Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar made headlines when they stomped off of the set of The View last week during a heated conversation with Bill O'Reilly about the "Ground Zero" mosque. Yesterday the show had a live taping for the first time since the incident. During the show, Barbara Walters expressed displeasure that her co-hosts walked off the set, but both Behar and Goldberg stuck by their choice. Behar said that she felt she needed to stand up to bigotry. Goldberg added: "What Bill O'Reilly did not come onto our stage with was respect. He came on and he was condescending … I know that had I stayed there, it would've got, for me at least, it would've gotten worse. And the best thing I could've done, because he was so enraging and so disrespectful just to the five of us, I just thought, I'm done." According to View co-host Sherri Shepherd, who stayed on set with O'Reilly, the Fox News host said during a commercial break that his appearance would do wonders for the show's ratings. How kind of him! Muslims the world over must be applauding his generosity.

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