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Who You Risk your Career and Comfort For Love?

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Love is one of the experiences that can make people do some uncharacteristic things. Whether it’s talking on the phone for countless hours, traveling across multiple states in order to spend time with a special person or sacrificing tickets to the NBA Finals in exchange for tickets to the ballet; love has the ability to shift the normal behavior of people. I’m sure you can attest to at least one crazy thing love has made you do during the course of your life. If not, you have witnessed this in the lives of friends or family.


The uncharacteristic behaviors listed above are what I classify as ‘cute love’ behaviors. However, there are some other critical decisions men and women make for a chance to solidify their aspirations for love. Take Washington, D.C. Attorney Tammy Watkins for instance, who made a decision to leave her position as a Staff Attorney in order to move closer to her boyfriend in Atlanta. Tammy and Jason Allen had been in a long-distance relationship for 7 months and wanted to take their relationship to the next level. They mutually agreed it would be easier for Tammy to find a job as an attorney in Atlanta compared to Jason trying to find a energy job in D.C.

Before I continue, please know that Tammy’s decision to move was made only from the perspective of pursuing her relationship, and prior to any engagement or marriage discussions.


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