R. Kelly (Getty Images)
R. Kelly (Getty Images)

Who let R. Kelly lead a kids' parade? Over the weekend, the singer who famously beat child-pornography charges (and also admits that he can't really read) served as grand marshal of Chicago's Bronzeville neighborhood's annual back-to-school parade for children. We'd love someone to explain how this wasn't among the most misguided decisions of the year.

Sherri Shepherd ties the knot: The View co-host married TV writer Lamar Sally on Sunday and tweeted every detail of the wedding.


What happened to Theodoric C. James? This black man served 10 presidents but died in squalor in August. Friends, family and colleagues at the White House are asking how this could have happened.

Church's check rescues Morris Brown: A United Methodist Church in Atlanta presented the president of Morris Brown College with a check for $22,000 on Sunday, providing enough money to help the college settle a $10 million debt with the U.S. Department of Education. But will it be enough to secure the school's future?

In other news: Myths About African-American Adoption.

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