White Woman Who Blocked Black Neighbor From Entering Apartment Building Speaks Out

Hilary Mueller on Fox 2 Now
Hilary Mueller on Fox 2 Now
Screenshot: Good Morning America (via ABC News video)

What do you do if you are a white woman who suddenly becomes the star of a viral video on social media which shows you harassing a black man who lives in your building and was just trying to get home to his apartment one Friday night—especially if that video leads to you being fired from your job?


If you are Hilary Mueller of St. Louis, you go on a morning news show and double down on your bullshit. Her Wednesday morning appearance on Fox 2 Now was shared by ABC’s Good Morning America.

Key Fob Kelly told Fox 2 Now that she was only following the directions she was given “repeatedly” by the condo association board members when she blocked D’Arreion Toles from entering the apartment building they both live in and interrogated him at the main entrance.

“My only intent was to follow the direction that I had been given by our condo association board members repeatedly, and that is to never allow access to any individual that you do not know.”

Hallway Hilary said she had the door cracked open to take her dog for a walk when Toles came up and tried to enter.

“I do not think that I did anything wrong. I upheld the ask of me to the fullest extent,” Mueller said.


“The direction from the condo association is so repeated that if you don’t know the person, you don’t let them in.”

But Doorway Debbie followed Toles to his door, and that surely is not a part of the condo association’s rules.


To clarify just what those rules actually say, ABC News requested a copy from the condo association in question. The association’s president responded to the network and said, “My attorney has advised me not to make any statements or share any documents at this time.”


Nevertheless, many of us live in secured buildings, and while most of them have some sort of rule or notice about not letting any unauthorized person into the building, I’ve yet to see any that advises tenants to question someone who is trying to come into the building.

Mueller could have avoided all of this by simply telling Toles she was following the condo association rules and he would have to use his own fob. She could have then closed the door and allowed him to open it himself using his fob.


Instead, she deputized herself in white privilege, engaged in power-signaling and harassed a fellow tenant of her building. She followed him onto an elevator, down a hall to his apartment and then still called the police to say that she was uncomfortable with him being there.

Mueller also whined about being called a racist for her actions.

“That is absolutely false and heartbreaking and those are words that truly cut deep,” she said.


It’s hard to believe Mueller would have taken the same actions had Toles been a white man. It’s doubtful she would have followed him onto an elevator and down the hall to his apartment, even if she did do the initial door check to “follow the directions.”

Listen. We all know what Hilary was doing and why she was doing it. She can attempt to mask it in condo association rules, but the scent of white privilege and white supremacy is all over her weak ass chin and her Uggs.


She was trying to check a black man and put him in his place. Unfortunately, in this instance, it backfired on her, and how she has to suffer the repercussions of her act.

Here is a prayer that all the Key Fob Kellys, Pool Patrol Pattys, BBQ Beckys and every other white woman who makes it her job to police the actions of black people minding their own business gets her comeuppance in just the same way.





Yeah the rule is obviously “Don’t hold the door open for people you don’t know” and not “Physically deny entry to anyone even if they have a fob.”

But white people...