White US Citizen Arrested in Uganda After Racist Attack on Hotel Workers

Jimmy L. Taylor captured on video assaulting a hotel employee in Kampala, Uganda.
Jimmy L. Taylor captured on video assaulting a hotel employee in Kampala, Uganda.
Screenshot: Facebook video

Imagine being so full of your white American male privilege that you pack it up with you, fly to a continent full of black people who don’t see it for you the way your own country does, and try to force it on the people of Uganda just because they are the same color as the people you disrespect in your own country.


Ugandan police arrested a man they have identified as Jimmy L. Taylor—a U.S. citizen—Thursday after a Facebook video surfaced showing him being verbally and physically abusive to employees at the Grand Imperial Hotel in the capital city of Kampala.

The Kampala Post reports that there was also surveillance video of the incident.

In the 4-minute Facebook video, Taylor can be seen behind the front desk in the hotel, throwing things around. As the employees move into the lobby to get away from him, he follows them, hurling racial slurs, cursing at them, and striking one of the employees several times.

Taylor calls the employees “niggers” and tells them that they have to obey him. He also threatens to kill them.

It is unclear when the video was recorded, but it was posted on Facebook Friday.


The Uganda Police Force charged Taylor—who claims to be a former Marine as well as a missionary—assault and malicious damage. They say that during his arrest, he spat on police, became rowdy and uncontrollable, and tried to disarm the arresting officers.

When he was questioned, Taylor admitted to attacking the hotel employee. He blamed his outburst on an illness which caused him to suffer stress that subsequently caused him to attack the hotel staff unprovoked.


The Post reports that Taylor is currently being detained at Central Police Station Kampala while the investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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Mud Dedoochka

From what I can find out he’s one of those evangelical dirtbags who are partially responsible for the Kill The Gays movement there. I’m with the Ugandans who say he should have been eating boot.