White Supremacists Gather in Tenn., Prove Whiteness Is Not Supreme

“White Lives Matter” protesters demonstrate during a rally Oct. 28, 2017, in Shelbyville, Tenn. (Joe Buglewicz/ Getty Images)
“White Lives Matter” protesters demonstrate during a rally Oct. 28, 2017, in Shelbyville, Tenn. (Joe Buglewicz/ Getty Images)

The slow-thinking, thick-tongued members of the master race converged on two Tennessee towns Saturday in an effort to save Caucasians from oppression, irrelevance and the secret genocide that’s always just about to happen to white people but never does.


But their efforts to prove the supremacy of the white race took a slight hit when counterprotesters trolled them so hard, the white nationalists instead decided to scrap the second protest and go home like the feeble, brittle bitches they are.

Murfreesboro and Shelbyville, Tenn., were the planned sites of Saturday’s White Lives Matter rallies, a festival of white fragility organized by people whose IQs often equal their average number of teeth—24. Despite the fact that these untoothed Caucasians couldn’t indulge in candy apples or taffy, the conglomeration of hate groups still thought the two towns would be the perfect place to protest the changing demographics of America.

Around 8 a.m. the groups arrived in Shelbyville, a town of about 20,000 people, the Washington Post reports. They exited the buses and began having their little rally, or whatever. (You like how I did that? It’s a trick I learned from an ex-girlfriend on how to belittle anything. All you have to do is preface any accomplishment with “your little ... ” and put “whatever” on the end to diminish anything, no matter how big.)

Because police searched everyone coming to the protest area, counterprotesters thought of clever ways to harass the troglodyte whites. They perched speakers near the site of the demonstrations. As the white supremacists struggled to speak to the crowd of 100 racist douchebags, the counterprotesters blasted “La Bamba,” the Jeopardy! theme and other songs, drowning out the ralliers.

People from the area gathered to show their love and dispel the myth that the white supremacists were trying to spread about their community. Both black and white joined together to show that the only thing they hated was racism ...

... and Tom Brady.


But mostly racism.

While one white supremacist asked why black people could use the n-word and he couldn’t (which, I believe, is the entire point of white supremacy groups: finding white friends who will let them use the n-word), the 200 counterprotesters chanted “Black lives matter” so loud that the speakers could barely be heard.


In the end, the white nationalists ended the event early, packed up their shit and went home. They decided not to even go to the rally scheduled for later in the afternoon in Murfreesboro. Please stop laughing.


I’m not saying that having every branch of government, business, education, employment and society tipped in your favor lends to fragility, but if your righteous cause can be dismantled by a P.A. system playing Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power,” either you are too fragile lead the movement or you’re fighting for a shitty cause.

No violence was reported, and only one arrest was made during the day.

God bless their despicable little white lives, or whatever ...

Read more at the Washington Post.

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To paraphrase the comedian Doug Stanhope: If you lose your job or your admission to college to someone who just moved here and for whom English is a second language, maybe you’re not the master race. Maybe you are just stupid, lazy, and looking for an excuse.

These idjits are just an embarrassment. Yeesh.