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A group of white supremacists allegedly attacked a black Seattle DJ during a possible celebration of the death of neo-Nazi Robert J. Mathews.


The Associated Press reports the attack, which happened in the Rec Room Bar and Grill on Saturday, followed an attempt by the group to take over the DJ’s equipment. After the DJ refused to relinquish the mic, the group brutally attacked him, stomping on him and screaming slurs, and also injured an Asian man who tried to stop them.

Out of a group of roughly 20 who were hanging out at the bar, nine were arrested in connection with the attack. It’s possible the group, which included people from “Washington, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Illinois and Oregon,” per AP, was celebrating “Martyr’s Day,” marking Mathews’ 1984 shootout with the FBI, which led to his death. He had run white supremacist group “The Order” in the year prior.


One of the suspects for Saturday’s attack, Travis David Condor, had previously been “sentenced to 90 days in jail for beating a homeless man with a baseball bat in Cincinnati,” per the AP. He had been “photographed attending the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia” last year, writes the AP, and now this—look at our justice system at work!

Condor also—shit you not—runs a record label, American Defense Records. I’m just spitballing here, but maybe they attacked the DJ because they wanted to play some of their classic bops, such as “Liberals Can Die” by Nation of Suspects, or “Strength Thru Hate” by Blood in the Face, a skinhead anthem decrying the “anti-racist faggots” who want to shut them down.

I didn’t make those songs up, by the way—just listen to these hits! (Warning: These songs are egregiously shitty. Oh and they’re also wildly racist and NSFW, but more importantly, goddamn, they are not good.)

Just listen to those vocals. I don’t dislike metal, but this dude just sounds like he inhaled a cough drop by mistake—probably because of some nigger—and started screaming into a mic. No power behind those growls at all. And I don’t know, “Liberals can die” as a hook is kind of weak—like, of course they can! So can everyone. We’re human! Not sure I’m loving this shallow dive into human mortality, guys. 1/10.

Is this like, “7/11” for skinheads? Do they get hype to this? Is there a skinhead shuffle? Do skinheads dance, or do they just two-step?


Maybe they can mosh in prison together!

Natalie Degraffinried is a senior editor for Kotaku.

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