White Supremacists Are Mad at Right-Wing Nutjobs for Not Being Racist Enough

Alt Right Pepe General Franco via YouTube screenshot
Alt Right Pepe General Franco via YouTube screenshot

A hilarious troll has become a glaring example of the terrible plague of white-on-white violence. A group of Texas white supremacists have ignited a war with a right-wing militia movement that highlights the major differences between the contingent of low-IQ dullards who want to wipe out all nonwhite people from the face of the earth, and the redneck wypipo just waiting for an excuse to shoot someone in the face.


According to the Washington Post and the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Hatewatch, this all started when a group of anti-fascists went on the internet to troll white supremacists in Houston. The pranksters created a fake group called “Texas Antifa” and announced that they would join up with Black Panthers in protesting the statue of Sam Houston in Houston’s Hermann Park, because of Sam Houston’s status as a slaveholder.

Word of the fake protest spread quickly—among racists. On Saturday, every kind of white supremacist showed up to protect their “free speech” and fight the anti-fascist movement. There were people carrying Confederate flags. The neo-Nazis showed up. Klansmen came out. The so-called alt-right white boys came out. They were all ready to throw down.


Also present were members of the group This Is Texas, which is reportedly affiliated with the Oath Keepers, the anti-government paramilitary militia that likes to show up everywhere from the Bundy Ranch in Nevada to Ferguson, Mo., praying that they’ll get a chance to shoot someone.

The only people missing were the Black Panthers and the Texas Antifa.

But like all gatherings of thugs and gangbangers, things eventually turned violent when a member of This Is Texas got into it with a young alt-right douchebag carrying racist signs.

“What about the memes?” he whined, until a Latino Oath Keeper put the guy in a restraint hold (I think that’s what they call it now. Or maybe they refer to it as a “neck brace.” I just know that, after Eric Garner’s death, they changed the terminology from “choking the life out of someone”), and the Oath Keepers kicked the “Nazi bastard” out of the park.

The Oath Keepers also confronted a number of people waving Confederate flags and holding racist signs during the fairy-tale protest, but when video of the incident went viral, white supremacists were madder than if they’d discovered their daughter tongue-kissing Flava Flav.


AltRight.com (yes, that domain name has been taken) and the hate site Daily Stormer both ran articles entitled, “Oathkeepers Turn Against the Alt-Right.” Soon every site where white people gather to bolster their inferiority complexes was condemning the gun-toting, conspiracy-fueled Oath Keepers.

Brad Griffin, noted racist and micropenis sufferer, posted: “I’m addressing a group called the American Warrior Revolution, we’re addressing our friends the Oathcucks, and various III% militia groups. We’ve been watching you people since then and we’ve had a little trouble.” Griffin went on to call them “deracinated cucks.”


The term “cuck” is short for “cuckold”—a popular alt-right slur that refers to men who enjoy watching other men (especially black men) have sex with their wives or girlfriends. The idea is that anyone who doesn’t support white supremacy must be a weak man and is serving up the purity of the white woman to other races.

Only in these circles is not being a racist a bad thing.

The flame war has spread across the country, even to white Twitter:


For their part, the Oath Keepers have mostly affirmed their hate for Muslims, immigrants, the government officials looking to institute martial law, the politicians who want to turn cities into concentration camps, the jack-booted thugs who are going to kick in their doors to take their guns, or anyone who doesn’t believe that the Constitution was written in permanent marker by Jesus Christ himself.


Right-wing anti-government groups and white supremacist organizations have committed more acts of terror and killed more people since 9/11 than Islamic fundamentalists. But I’m sure white people are nothing to worry about. Aside from the historical Jim Crow lynch mobs; the Ku Klux Klan; the Nazis; Timothy McVeigh; the Olympic Park bombing; the motorcycle-gang fight at the Texas titty bar; the Unabomber; the white supremacist Times Square stabbing; the white supremacist Portland, Ore., train stabbing; the white supremacist Baltimore stabbing; the congressional-baseball shooting; and every war in American history, white people aren’t usually very violent.

Read more at the Washington Post and Hatewatch.

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Petey Wheatstraw The Devil Son in law

😂 boy white people out here hating themselves lol that’s a lot of hate. Should spend some of that energy educating themselves and not feeling the need to feel superior because of their bland inadequate lifestyles. While I’m out here blowing trees they fighting to see who hates more lol 😂 they need a sitcom.