White Supremacist Propaganda Attacking Black Lives Matter Distributed to Texas Residents

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While America was either celebrating or mourning the projected ousting of Donald Trump from the White House this past weekend, racist propaganda flyers made by a self-proclaimed white supremacist organization were sent out to homes in several Texas neighborhoods.


Photos of the messages, which were sealed in ziplock bags, were shared with News 4 San Antonio by residents in Hollywood Park and parts of the Stone Oak area where the notes were primarily sent. The notes—which apparently were authored by a “pro white org” called the 14First Foundation and feature a swastika image at the top—were reportedly accompanied by leaflets that contained hateful messages directed at Jewish people, minorities and the Black Lives Matter movement.

According to Newsweek, the message contained in the leaflets directed at BLM said the following:

“The entire country is sick of your shit. Sick of the lawlessness, sick of the riots, sick of the threats and demands. The only thing you’ve managed to accomplish in all of this is to live up to the ghetto stereotypes. Congratulations.”

One thing to know about white racists: Whenever they reference “the entire country,” they’re really just talking about other racist white people.

While it is true that polls show a decrease in BLM support since June, the fact that the movement blew up so big over the summer in the first place shows that there is no consensus on how Americans feel about it. But salty white racists desperately want to believe America is behind them, so as far as they’re concerned, they represent the feelings of the “entire country.”

Anyway, according to law enforcement officials, the messages don’t include threats of violence, only racist white nonsense.


From Newsweek:

Hollywood Park Police chief Shad Prichard said they were called on the morning on November 8 to several homes to reports of “propaganda type flyers” which had been placed in zip-lock bags and weighed down with small rocks.

Prichard confirmed that the flyers were also distributed in the Stone Oak area in San Antonio Police Department’s jurisdiction, but it is unknown how many they have recovered.

As well as the racist anti-Black Lives Matter rhetoric, the flyers expressed anti-abortion views and gave information on how to join their cause.

“The flyers did not indicate any plans for violence or suggest they were gathering in our area,” Prichard said in a statement. “Therefore, we are collecting the flyers and reaching out to our federal partners to share our findings and will monitor the situation to ensure the safety of our residents.”


According to San Antonio Express-News, more than 1,000 14First flyers were distributed to residents.

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg denounced the flyers in a statement, saying “racism and hatred are not welcome here.”


“San Antonio is a city of inclusion, compassion and strength through diversity,” Nirenberg said, the Express-News reports. “We will work together to root it out whenever they appear, and that includes the actions of white supremacists.”

According to Newsweek, despite the flyers reportedly appearing the morning after news outlets declared Joe Biden the president-elect, 14First’s vice president, Ronald Murray, said the distribution of the hateful messages was “absolutely not” about the election.



Hollywood Park (95% white) and Stone Oak (~80% white) are in District 9, which has a median income over five times the city/country median and has reliably elected Republicans at city, state, and federal levels for the better part of the last thirty years. The only recent exception was them putting a Democrat on the city council in ‘17, and he didn’t win by much.

In this particular instance, the call is quite likely coming from inside the house. Somebody’s kids, probably.