White Supremacist Daniel Borden Charged in Charlottesville, Va., Attack of Deandre Harris

Daniel Borden (Hamilton County, Ohio, Justice Center)
Daniel Borden (Hamilton County, Ohio, Justice Center)

An arrest has finally been made in the brutal attack of Deandre Harris that occurred during the Unite the Right racist rally in Charlottesville, Va. Police arrested Mason, Ohio, resident Daniel Borden, 18, Friday evening and charged him with malicious wounding, according to WCPO.


As reported by The Root, Harris was attacked by a group of white supremacists in a parking garage that was less than a hundred feet away from a police precinct.

“They were beating me with poles. I have eight staples in my head, a broken wrist and a chipped tooth,” Harris told The Root.

Although other men were featured in the photo taken by photographer Zach Roberts, so far Borden is the only one who was arrested, and he is currently being held at the Hamilton County Justice Center in Ohio.

Other people of interest have been identified from photos and video that were taken before and after the attack, but it looks as if everyone’s favorite “I’m not racist because I’m ‘Spanish’” racist is also a suspect.

Read more at WCPO.

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Mister McGibblets

It needs to be stressed that this wouldn’t have happened without crowd-sourcing his identity. The Cville police have made no effort to investigate these people. Every single arrest has come only because private citizens have identified these people and assembled evidence themselves.

CPD didn’t bother to look into Cantwell; his victim had to go to a magistrate to get the warrant himself. CPD never spent a second looking for the man who tried to murder Corey Long, it took citizens and NYT to make that suddenly start to matter, two weeks later.

For all those mewling about the dangers of doxxing, shut the fuck up. This isn’t doxxing. This is identifying violent felons so the police face pressure to do their damn jobs. It’s about warning the neighbors of the violent bigots who have every intention of doing this again.