White Nationalist Richard Spencer’s Gym Membership Terminated After Georgetown Professor Confronts Him, Calls Him a Neo-Nazi

Looks like white nationalist Richard Spencer will be hunting for a new gym after his regular Alexandria, Va., establishment pulled his membership after he was confronted by a Georgetown University professor who called him a neo-Nazi.

According to the Washington Post, C. Christine Fair, an associate professor at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, was getting her workout in at Old Town Sport&Health Wednesday when she recognized Satan’s spawn, who is also the president of the white nationalist National Policy Institute.

Fair wrote in a Tumblr post that when she approached Spencer asking if he was in fact who she thought he was, the coward denied it.


“Are you Richard Spencer?” she said she asked.

“No, I’m not,” the white nationalist fuqboi responded, Fair wrote.

“I said, ‘Of course you are, so not only are you a Nazi—you are a cowardly Nazi,’” Fair told the Post. “‘I just want to say to you, I’m sick of your crap that this country belongs [to people like you]. ... As a woman, I find your statements to be particularly odious; moreover, I find your presence in this gym to be unacceptable, your presence in this town to be unacceptable.’”

As the Post notes, Spencer has denied being a Nazi, although after Donald Trump somehow snagged the presidency, Spencer addressed an “alt-right” conference where people in the crowd were seen making Nazi salutes as Spencer cheered, “Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail our victory.”

BuzzFeed also reports that according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, Spencer has also called for the “peaceful ethnic cleansing of nonwhite Americans.”


Fair wrote in her post that most of the employees at the gym were “women and/or old people of color,” who Spencer has “repeated[ly] asserted ... to be inferior to his kind who are entitled to rule over us because we are not christian, white or have a vagina.”

“In my book, this is a clear case of a hostile environment being perpetrated by the general manager, who is an indifferent, asinine white feller who demanded that I remove my ‘Puck Trump’ hat a few weeks back while asserting the ‘right’ of this Nazi to join our gym some two months ago. Priorities anyone?” Fair continued in her post.


On Thursday, Fair tweeted out that Spencer had been “ousted” from the gym.

Spencer says he is feeling rather upset about the whole thing, insisting that he was a “model gym-goer” and just wanted to get his workout done.


“I don’t bother anyone. I don’t talk to anyone. I really just go and lift weights,” he told BuzzFeed.

He said he was at the gym “peacefully working out” when Fair came up and started asking him if he was Richard Spencer.


“I said no because I wanted her to go away,” he said. “I didn’t want a confrontation.

“I don’t come to the gym to do politics. But she started screeching and yelling all this stuff,” Spencer added, saying that other patrons asked her to stop.


He added that Fair told him, “‘You’re evil, you’re terrible, you’re oppressing people at the gym,’ which is just ridiculous.”

Poor guy.

Spencer said it was unfair for him to be barred from the gym when he had “followed all the rules” and was “well-behaved” while Fair made “this huge scene and annoyed everyone.”


He said the manager asked Fair to “cut it out” and told her to leave about 10 minutes into the confrontation, while he was allowed to finish up his workout.

Spencer said the gym might have been fearful of “negative publicity” after Fair “made it into a cause of some sort.”


“I’ve been talking to a couple of people about this. I don’t know what we’re going to do,” he said.

Fair, for her part, is unrepentant.

“I’d do it again,” she told the Post. “I told the fellow, ‘I think we can have a deal here: You don’t let any more Nazis in, and I won’t be making a scene.’”


Read more at the Washington Post and BuzzFeed.

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Oh, he doesn’t like being attacked for just being a person that exists in this country, going about his business? IMAGINE THAT! I bet he cries the victim next.

But I ain’t surprised to hear he denied who he was, he denies being a Nazi even though he’s obviously a Nazi. He can’t even show his true colors when he’s safe, Spencer the Kowardly Kaiser definitely didn’t want no trouble at the gym. He remembers what happened the last time he tried running that ignorant, lying ass mouth of his without the support of his little buddies.