White Men and Their ‘Blackcents’ Need to Stop Coming for Black Women Online

Gary Owen (Michael Buckner/Getty Images for BET); Michael Rapaport (Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Netflix)
Gary Owen (Michael Buckner/Getty Images for BET); Michael Rapaport (Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Netflix)

You know what I am getting increasingly sick of lately? White male culture vultures who think they can say and do anything around black people with impunity. Whether it’s because they have embraced black culture and mimic it or because they married a black person and think that makes them an expert on “the Negro,” these dudes are seriously annoying and need to go somewhere quickly.


Their white male privilege takes an especially egregious turn when they decide to target black women. I’ve seen evidence of it twice this week—and in one instance I was the target—and I’m here to call out these bastards because enough is enough.

Gary Owen recorded and posted a one-minute video to the internet in which he “scolds” Mo’Nique because “she went too far when she started blaming Will Packer on shit.”

Owen said:

That’s my friend. That’s my homeboy. Will Packer’s done more for black actors and actresses than just about anybody in the last 10 years. I mean, he has basically shown Hollywood that black movies have a mainstream market. I mean, Takers, Think Like a Man, Ride Along, Stomp the Yard, Girls Trip. I mean, the dude is basically changing the game, and now you are going to say he’s against you when, honestly, he put you in a movie, Almost Christmas, when nobody was putting you in movies—and he stuck his neck out and he went to bat for you. And now you throwing him under the bus.

I’m not going to sit back and let you slander my friend’s name like that. Will Packer is a good, good person. That’s a good brother, man. He helped change my life, and I ain’t gonna sit back and let you slander his name, Mo’Nique. Sometimes you gotta take accountability for yourself. It’s you. It’s you. What can you do to change things? Stop blaming everybody else for your shit, man. Come on, Mo’Nique. Shit’s getting old.

First of all, sir, I’m sure Will Packer is more than capable of speaking up for and defending himself. He doesn’t need you to do it for him.

Next, not to take anything away from Packer, but who are you to say who has done more for black actors and actresses in Hollywood? What qualifies you to make that statement, and what are you basing it on? I get that Packer is your friend and you want to give him props, but this is very definitely not your lane, so stand down, please.


It’s apparent that Owen saw an opportunity to join a pile-on against a black woman, and he took it. People have been trashing Mo’Nique left and right since she spoke out against the Netflix deal, and Owen is just another person joining that bandwagon.

It’s telling that he thinks he can make a video and speak to her that way. Even if he felt some way about her “blaming” Packer, there is a respectful way to approach that, but Owen chose the “Let me tell you something” route, complete with the “blackcent” to match.


The blatant disrespect, coupled with the entitled attitude that makes him believe he is the one who should check her, is just all too much.

No matter how much Gary Owen’s video irritated me, though, it is nothing compared with the way translucent herpes sore Michael Rapaport showed his ass on Twitter on Monday.


After his Twitter screed on Sunday, wherein he dissed Janet Jackson, several black women called Rapaport out, and instead of answering their queries with logic and reason, he chose instead to attack them—calling them nobodies, attacking their appearance, etc., because he is an entitled third-grader in a grown man’s see-through body.


After finding out that he had become the subject of a post on The Root written by staff writer Michael Harriot, Rapaport took issue with it, but because he dribbles on his balls when he goes to pee, he would never dare to confront a black man directly. Instead, he took to his fake-son account on Twitter and used that to accuse The Root of “defaming” “his dad.”


Then, because Rapaport is nuttier than semen, he started replying to himself on that account. I called him out for it, and he began dissing me, The Root and Deputy Managing Editor Yesha Callahan.

He ultimately invited both of us to suck his dick. Twice.


As more black women came into the conversation to call him out for his behavior, he continued to attack because that’s all he knows how to do.

Attack black women.

He would never address a black man like that, and he knows it.

It should not go without notice that both Rapaport and Owen are married to black women. Is that why they feel like they can speak to black women any way they want?


When black men called Rapaport out for his behavior, he erred on the side of caution. He had no problem, however, clapping back at white men.

What does this tell us?

Both of these men have built their careers on the backs of black people. Being the white sidekick or the white actor in a black film or television show is their entire schtick. Is this what makes it OK?


Y’all keep giving these motherfuckers invitations to the cookout, and they repeatedly show you that they don’t respect us, our women or our culture, so why do we continue to allow these culture vultures into our spaces?

White men and their “blackcents” need to stop coming for black women online. Period.


Besides, if I were Michael Rapaport, I’d be more worried about whatever that is spreading across my face than about being a keyboard gangster on the internet.

Go sit your white asses down somewhere.


News Editor for The Root. I said what I said. Period.


Yesha Callahan

One day someone is going to spill all of rat face’s tea..and it will be glorious.