Mo’Nique Wasn’t Lying; Netflix Tried to Play Her

Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

It would appear that there was more to the Mo’Nique-vs.-Netflix story than we were all aware of, and there was more at play than just the paltry $500,000 they offered her to do a comedy special for them.


Mo’Nique first raised the issue of her dispute with Netflix nearly two weeks ago in a video posted to her Instagram account. The Oscar-winning actress and comedian asked everyone to support her in her fight for wages equal to what the likes of Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock and Amy Schumer were offered.

After Mo’Nique told her side of things, reports circulated that she had actually been offered $3 million as part of a deal in which she would be required to do a live audition for Netflix executives. That story is said to have originated with internet personality Jawn Murray.

Mo’Nique addressed Murray directly in an Instagram post Wednesday, posting a copy of the actual contract Netflix sent, which not only mentions the offer of $500,000 but also includes some questionable terms that would have left Mo’Nique struggling for two years after the special if she had accepted them.

According to the terms presented in the contract Netflix offered Mo’Nique, it would own the copyright of the program and control all exhibition rights. It would own all audio rights. And basically? It would own Mo’Nique.


For 12 months after the special premiered, Mo’Nique would not be allowed to tape or negotiate another comedy special with anyone else. When that 12 months was up, Netflix would have dibs on her next comedy special, and she would be able to do one with someone else (HBO, for example) only if Netflix passed first.

For 24 months after the special premiered, Mo’Nique would not be able to crack any of the jokes she did in the Netflix special anywhere else, and when the 24 months were up—Netflix would have first dibs on those jokes, too.


So basically, Netflix wanted her to take $500,000 to not be able to do what she is in the business of doing in the first place, and she was supposed to be OK with that?

Hell no.

After seeing the details of the contract, I completely understand why Mo’Nique was on her “fuck Netflix.” I would be, too, if I were she.


So, what do you think now? Does this new information change your view of Mo’Nique’s rants? Are you on her side now?

Let me know in the comments.

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I don’t think anyone doubted she was getting played. The question was “ Do we care?”

I think she was right for rejecting it. And even though her star doesn’t burn as bright as it used too, there are plenty of has been white women who still command a higher number than that. *cough* Kate Bosworth *cough* Also lots of white people trade on thier nostalgia factor for better shit. *cough* joshua jackson *cough* So while we may not care for monique there is a convo about disparity to be had.