White Man in Missouri Wanted After Calling Black Woman the N-Word and Shooting Her

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Photo: Jefferson County Sheriff Office

In Missouri, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department is searching for a man who called a Black woman the n-word multiple times before pistol-whipping and shooting her.


April Brown, the victim, was visiting a friend in Arnold, Mo., on Aug. 6 when the incident occurred, according to KSDK. After getting into an argument with one of her friend’s roommates, Brown was set to leave when Adam Lee Pillow suddenly approached her. “This white guy came out of nowhere, looked at me and said four times f-word, n-word, n-word, n-word,” Brown told KSDK.

After verbally attacking her, Pillow allegedly began to physically assault Brown. “Then [he] held a gun from about 2 feet away, moved closer with the gun, called me the n-word again, then shot me on the left side of my face,” Brown said. Pillow fled while Brown was bleeding and had little awareness of what was going on. “I was kind of out of it. My hearing at that point was gone. There was blood pouring out the left side of my face, pouring out,” Brown said.

A judge issued a no-bond warrant for Pillow’s arrest and he’s currently facing charges of second-degree assault, unlawful use of a weapon and armed criminal action. It’s unclear whether Pillow’s use of racial slurs will result in a hate crime charge being added as well.

Brown needs plastic surgery for her ear and it’s not currently known if her hearing will ever be the same. Her injuries have also made it painful for her to eat. “I can’t eat at all, not even applesauce,” Brown said. She wants Pillow to be found and face justice for her own peace of mind.

“[I’m] very scared that he’s still out there,” Brown said.

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He shot her in the face, why no attempted murder charge?