White Man in Alaska Demonically Screams in the Face of Walmart Worker, 'You Have No Authority Over Me'

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Y’all I am convinced there are demons walking around us.

What else explains the terrifying monstrous behavior of a still unnamed white man who literally lost his shit in the face of workers at Walmart in Alaska this weekend?


Videos posted on social media show the man yelling after seemingly being told he could not enter the store, maybe because he wasn’t wearing a mask or maybe because he was already behaving in a clearly unsafe manner.

“I will leave when I suit,” he shouts at the group of workers—most of them women of color—appearing increasingly enraged at the idea that they could have the authority to tell him what to do.

Soon he just goes off, literally screaming at the women while unleashing a rant that is disturbing just to watch:

“In the future, respect my rights and no one else’s. You will never get my six foot space!” the degenerate can be seen screaming in the face of a woman who looks way more unflappable than I would in that situation.

The worker he is focusing his nasty hot air on just coolly responds to him to have a good day, while two of her male co-workers stand to the side until another person behind the camera finally tells him to get out of their faces.


At which point the assailant, of course, has enough sense to claim he was the one being threatened all along, because of course.

Since the president himself has exhibited a complete disregard for any sense of social distancing at his recently held campaign events at the White House, and the wild rage of white men continues to run ragged across the country with impunity, it feels like outrageous behavior like this will just continue happening.


Walmart has yet to say anything about the incident. In July the retailer began stationing “health ambassadors” at the entrance of their stores to encourage—but not require—customers to wear masks, according to CNN.

Whatever the hourly wage is for being the stoic recipient of an unhinged, heavy breathing white man’s rage, I know for sure it isn’t enough.

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respect my rights and no one else’s

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