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A white Clearwater, Fla., man is safely in police custody after allegedly stabbing three police officers who attempted to arrest him during a domestic violence dispute.

Justin Shuford, the suspect, was apparently not shot or beaten up during the incident, and was happily carted down to the police station to take his smug-looking mug shot.


It’s amazing how that works, when people of color somehow wind up in the hospital or in morgues for reaching for their wallet, or telling police officers that they are licensed to carry a concealed weapon, or just simply running away.

According to WTSP-TV, Clearwater officers were responding to reports of a man beating up a woman Saturday night when they were hurt. Citizens tried to approach and help the woman, but Shuford was acting so aggressively that they were unable to do so, authorities said.


When officers tried to get close and arrest him, the violent thug pulled out a small knife and was able to “stab or cut” three officers, according to the report.

Officers were treated at a hospital for knife wounds and released.

Shuford, for his part, is facing charges of attempted homicide, aggravated battery on a law-enforcement officer, and resisting arrest with violence and domestic battery.


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