White Male Security Guard Brutally Assaults 16-Year-Old Black Girl Allegedly Shoplifting at Ohio Kroger

Illustration for article titled White Male Security Guard Brutally Assaults 16-Year-Old Black Girl Allegedly Shoplifting at Ohio Kroger
Screenshot: Tevin Ford (Facebook)

While shoppers were minding their business Saturday night at a Toledo, Ohio, Kroger store, they witnessed a 16-year-old girl being assaulted by a security guard after the guard allegedly caught her shoplifting.


As the incident is being filmed by a shopper’s cellphone, you can hear other shoppers yell at 32-year-old Tom Clingo as he drags the girl back into the store and body-slams her to the ground.

“He thinks that’s his job? To handle a little girl like that? Are you crazy?” one person says.

“Bro, just let her go,” you can hear someone else saying in the background.

“Tell him to get off of her!” another customer yells.

According to The Blade, the teenager had “miscellaneous” items and attempted to fight Clingo as he was trying to apprehend her. The Toledo Police Department stated that Clingo was not affiliated with the department.

“It’s important to note that this was not a Toledo police officer and is in no way affiliated with the department,” Sgt. Kevan Toney said. “If people were upset with the manner in which he acted, they should contact Kroger, I suppose.”

Although you can clearly see Clingo using excessive force on the girl, he has not been charged with any crimes.


The unnamed teen has been charged with robbery because of the fight she put up. Although the video was uploaded to Facebook, it is blocked from being embedded because of the violence restriction, but it can be viewed here.

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Toney said if people have issues with how Clingo did his job, they should contact Kroger.

OK pleople....let’s do it!


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