‘White Lives Matter’ Members Attack Interracial Couple After White Supremacist Rally Fails Miserably

Annelise Werme via Facebook; Colton of Yore via YouTube screenshot
Annelise Werme via Facebook; Colton of Yore via YouTube screenshot

Despondent after their racistpalooza festival drew fewer people than a “Make America Great Again” party at Howard’s homecoming, “White Lives Matter” rallygoers attacked an interracial couple at a Tennessee restaurant, beating a white woman bloody in the process.


Organizers decided to cancel a Murfreesboro, Tenn., “White Lives Matter” protest after the Shelbyville, Tenn., demonstration fell short of expectations on Saturday. Instead, around 20 members showed up at the Corner Pub in Brentwood, Tenn., and noticed a black man and white woman minding their own business and decided to harass them. A Facebook user captured pictures and video of the incident, describing it this way:

I went to Brentwood this evening to escape the rally chaos in Murfreesboro. Guess who showed up at the restaurant I was at. I recognized them as soon as they walked in, and I wondered if anyone else there knew. These guys, maybe 20 of them, dressed in all black, paraded through to an adjoining room, and immediately started harassing a biracial couple there. It broke out into a huge fight with them busting open the face of the white girl who was furious with them for harassing them. I honestly can’t believe this is happening. My heart hurts. I’m shaking and trying not to cry. I try to always stay positive on FB, but I think in light of today’s events, I get a pass...I’m just mortified.

P. S. When I left, the police were still there speaking with the biracial couple. I really wanted to, and wished I would have, gone over to give them a hug. #justloveeachother

According to the New York Daily News, the group spotted a 30-year-old white woman eating dinner with a 37-year-old black man and told her she should join them instead. When the woman asked her who they were with, one of the members of the master race Caucasian thugs responded, “Guess.”

“White Lives Matter,” she replied.

The woman reportedly went outside to de-escalate the situation, but even though they forgot their pitchforks and tiki torches, the angry white mob followed her outside the restaurant, surrounded her and punched her in the face. A YouTube video captured the incident, showing the victim being slugged by the not supremacists:

Matthew Heimbach, a white nationalist leader, was allegedly present but claims the victim threw the first punch. Authorities say that the racists quickly loaded up their cars and drove off in vehicles bearing Wisconsin and New York license plates.

Authorities have not said whether they have issued warrants for the people involved because they are still investigating. There’s probably not enough evidence to convict them. After all, the only evidence they have is hearsay ...

And a few videos.

And multiple witnesses.

While some are appalled by the public attack, a few people are happy about it. This incident may answer the question and end the racist rallies popping up around the country, because after watching a half-witted, underachieving, backward-thinking mob of feces, fragility and failure publicly commit a hate crime, then waltz home to catch the latest episode of Honey Boo Boo without suffering the consequences of their actions, you can reach only one conclusion:

Apparently, white lives do matter.

Read more at the New York Daily News.

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I don’t know. I mean, I get it—standing up to them, in support of the targeted couple is difficult, and entails a lot of risk. At the same time, being all weepy about it afterwards and appealing to the idea of ‘loving’ everybody is pollyann-ish, and will do nothing to weaken the White Power 2.0 movement.