White House Lies About Paw Patrol Being Cancelled While Criticizing So-Called 'Cancel Culture' for Cops

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As part of its ongoing campaign to flood American cities with federal police all too willing to do the President’s violent bidding, not to mention drag the country’s institutions of government further into absurdity, the Trump Administration is now decrying the loss of the children’s show Paw Patrol as an example of ‘cancel culture’ against cops.


The problem with this—one of many problems, actually—is that Paw Patrol hasn’t been cancelled.

This inconvenient truth didn’t stop White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany from lying to make a ridiculous argument at a press briefing on Friday, reports the NY Post.

“We saw a few weeks ago Paw Patrol, a cartoon show about cops was canceled; the show Cops was canceled; Live PD was canceled; LEGO halted the sales of their LEGO police station,” said McEnany to reporters, adding that the President was “appalled by cancel culture.”

If this isn’t proof that the very concept of so-called cancel culture means absolutely nothing, then I don’t know what is.

McEnany’s idiotic and incorrect statement also shows that the federal government’s plans to spread the kind of brutality now taking place against citizens in Portland is being framed as a sort of restoration of reverence for police who have enjoyed lifetimes of impunity, often to the detriment of Black people in this country.

Meanwhile Nickelodeon, the network which airs the animated show about rescue dogs who protect their neighborhood, quickly dismissed the Trump Administration’s claim about Paw Patrol’s cancellation, tweeting on Friday that no such thing has happened.


Here’s a video of McEnany at the White House lying about a children’s cartoon like it’s her job, because it is:


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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

The Trump and his bitches, the GOP have normalized out and out bullshit lying to such a point that I still have a hard time understanding it. I know Moscow Mitch doesn’t give a shit as long as Trump appoints his judge picks, but just damn. I knew we were in trouble way back when Snopes had to hire a shit ton of fact checkers, but -damn-

I don’t get how the GOP, which is supposed to play the long game figures how they are going to lance out the Trump infection, to say nothing of dealing with the damage done to the role of POTUS. Or their relationship with the press.