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Quicken Loans Arena is decorated to welcome the Republican National Convention on July 11, 2016, in Cleveland.
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In a truly inexplicable move—especially given the issues Republicans have had with so-called minorities this election cycle—a sign was posted with the words “White Elevators,” pointing to an elevator bank, at the Republican National Convention site in Cleveland this weekend.

A quick Wall Street Journal reporter spotted the signs and posted a photo on Twitter on Saturday, and many couldn’t help seeing the banner as harking back to a time of overt (and legal) segregation in the United States.


The Daily News reports that Byron Tau first spotted the sign and said that RNC staffers were replacing it at Quicken Loans Arena “for obvious reasons.”

The news site also reports that it remains unclear who vetted the sign or why it was hung in the first place. Neither RNC organizers nor Trump’s campaign responded to its request for further comment.

The RNC kicks off Monday and runs through Thursday night, when thousands of Republicans are expected to formally nominate Donald Trump for president of the United States. Trump is expected to speak on Thursday as he formally accepts the party’s nomination.


Read more at the New York Daily News.

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