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A Virginia family is understandably a little shaken up after the father, Joseph — a white man who didn't want his last name revealed — was suspected of kidnapping two biracial girls. They just happened to be his daughters. Oops.

According to the mom, Keana (whose presence at the store likely would have cleared things up and avoided the ordeal), it all started when a customer at the Walmart where dad and daughters were shopping became concerned that the family "didn't match up." A security guard was alerted, and next thing they knew, a police officer was at their door. From the Huffington Post:

… [T]hey were even more surprised by the reason for the cop's visit— to question whether or not they were in fact their children's parents.

"He asks us very sincerely, 'Hey, I was sent here by Walmart security. I just need to make sure that the children that you have are your own,'" Joseph said.

"I was dumbfounded," Keana said. "I sat there for a minute and I thought, 'Did he just ask us if these were our kids knowing what we went through to have our children?’

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