White Couple Who Defaced Black Lives Matter Mural in California Charged With Hate Crime

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2020 be like: “Hello, white people. Since I’ve introduced the world to the pandemic that just won’t quit, I have to do some good too. So I’d like to introduce you to the consequences of your own actions.”


The revolution against Karens is most certainly being televised because, frankly, that’s the only way they can get caught and held accountable. The latest instance comes out of Martinez, Calif., where a white man and woman have been charged with hate crimes after they were filmed (and also filmed themselves like dumbasses) defacing a Black Lives Matter mural less than an hour after it was painted on a street in front of a courthouse on the 4th of July.

On Monday, The Root reported that the Martinez Police Department was looking for the dimwit-duo who painted over the mural which was installed with the permission of the city on the street in front of the Wakefield Taylor Courthouse. The two vandalized the mural because they’re “sick of this narrative” of “police brutality, the narrative of oppression, the narrative of racism. It’s a lie. It’s a lie.”

Well, it turns out “Klan-ish Karen” and “MAGA Mike” have been identified as Nicole Anderson and David Nelson and they are now charged with “three misdemeanor counts, including a hate crime, for their alleged actions,” according to a statement released by the Contra Costa District Attorney’s office Tuesday.

The statement said Anderson and Nelson are charged with violation of civil rights, vandalism under $400 and possession of tools to commit vandalism or graffiti. If they are convicted, they will both face up to one year in county jail.

“We must address the root and byproduct of systemic racism in our country,” District Attorney Diana Becton wrote. “The Black Lives Matter movement is an important civil rights cause that deserves all of our attention. The mural completed last weekend was a peaceful and powerful way to communicate the importance of Black lives in Contra Costa County and the country. We must continue to elevate discussions and actually listen to one another in an effort to heal our community and country.”

Investigators couldn’t have had much trouble finding Anderson and Nelson since the back of their truck was shown on camera when Nelson went to the vehicle for another can of paint. By Sunday, investigators had the truck’s make, model and license plate number. The truck also had Anderson’s first name written in silver letters on the right side of the tailgate. (God, these people are idiots.)


According to CNN affiliate KPIX, the mural—which over 100 people took part in painting over a 5-hour period—was restored Sunday and the area was blocked off and surrounded by chalk images.

Anderson—who did the painting while Nelson recorded and taunted angry onlookers—never got past the B and L of the mural before one of the bystanders took their paint can away. So the two hater-ass racists are charged for a crime they didn’t even fully commit and the little damage they did do was swiftly repaired. (Also, Anderson was painting inside the lines, so even if she finished, “Black Lives Matter” still would have been visible, only in black letters instead of yellow. This was just poor planning all around.)


Hopefully, Anderson and Nelson are convicted and pay the price for their white fragility. And hopefully, they give up their lives of crime since they’re so clearly terrible at it.


Babylon System

White people confuse me.

These people are literally unhinged because this one single thing in the universe isn’t about them.

Why do you they care?

The BLM movement doesn’t affect their lives.

Yet they spend that much energy acting like it’s a causing THEM personal harm.