White Cops Take Trophy Hunting Photo of Smiling Black Bank Robbery Suspect, and We Have Questions

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KRS-One taught me that “overseers” said fast enough and over a long period of time sound a lot like “officers” in his seminal text, “Sound of da Police,” so it isn’t shocking to me that cops do corrupt things.


But I definitely have a ton of questions for the police in Prentiss, Miss., the news station that ran the photo, and all of Mississippi who supported this and thought it was a good idea to take a photo of robbery suspect, Eric Boykin, of Gulfport, Miss., after he was found 600 yards from the bank he allegedly robbed. The photo shows Boykin handcuffed and shirtless as if he were game and this photo was some kind of hunting memorabilia.

And. Boykin. Is. Smiling.

So let’s just run through all my questions? Shall we?

  1. What do we have to do to get Mississippi off the map? Seriously, can’t we just Tetris Mississippi the fuck out of here? Other than refined racism, can anyone name one thing that Mississippi has given the rest of us? Yes it has a fun, racist-sounding song for its crooked-letter-hunchback-ass spelling, but I’m totally fine with Mississippi and Florida going on a drug-fueled bender and Thelma and Louise-ing it right off the cliff.
  2. This one is to my nigga Eric Boykin. My nigga. What happened to you? Why are you like this? Why are you smiling in a photo surrounded by white men with guns? This is my nightmare and you are perfectly comfortable here. Did Mississippi happen to you?–because those niggas are different.
  3. WLBT, what in the entire fuck is wrong with you? Why would you run this photo with the headline: “Police pose with suspect following bank robbery arrest.” The photo shows four cops and two hunting dogs. The Black man is shirtless. The photo looks like some old antebellum slave shit, and no one thought this might be a bad idea? Is this newsroom in Mississippi? Wait, don’t answer that.
  4. Who took this photo? Is it standard procedure to take photos of police officers surrounding suspects? How did this photo become news? Why hasn’t Mississippi just floated off into the Mississippi River?
  5. Do they hunt Black people in Mississippi? Wait, don’t answer that either.
  6. Why is Mississippi like this?
  7. Is it illegal to ask Mississippi to just leave the United States?
  8. Is this picture going on someone’s desk inside the police department?
  9. If it isn’t then why was it taken?
  10. WLBT has since removed the tweet of the story showing Boykin posing as a captured slave. Now can Mississippi remove itself from the map?

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Gameface doesn`t play nice with others

What do we have to do to get Mississippi off the map?

Attach it to Alabama, Florida, Tennessee and....you now what, fuck it, the southern states starting with South Carolina and working down and west to Texas and Arkansas - hook up all them shits to a fucking barge with a long ass chain, get that saw Bugs Bunny used to shave off Florida to use for the rest of them and ship them fuckers out to middle of the Atlantic. They already have a ‘president’ - 45 and a flag from their heritage they can use. The Black and Brown folk can move to Montana and Wyoming prior to the dump off - ain’t but 1200 people there anyway so they have the space and it immediately becomes beachfront. There has rarely been anything good to come out of Mississippi and this Shirtless smiling Uncle Ruckus acolyte waste of melanin is proof that there is something in the water that has our folk fucked up down there.

*Please note: Candace Owens, Tim Scott, Justice ThomAss Clarence and any other person with melanin and the “conservative perspective” whose names I chose not to commit to memory can be the first ones to join them on their new Mayonnaise worshipping island.