White AF Wisconsin Superintendant Candidate Says She Was Called N-Word Because Her 'Lips Were Bigger Than Most.' *Sigh*

Deborah Kerr, Wisconsin candidate for state superintendent of schools.
Deborah Kerr, Wisconsin candidate for state superintendent of schools.
Screenshot: Wisconsin State Journal

Every day I say to myself, “there’s no higher level of caucasity than that,” and every day wypipo prove me wrong.


In Wisconsin, a white woman—who is running for a position that would make her the state’s top education official—tweeted something that didn’t just put her out of her lane, it put her on the wrong highway, driving on the wrong side of traffic in the wrong neighborhood of a city on a planet that only white people can reach because the caucasity-radiation levels in the atmosphere are such that no melanin-rich human could survive.

The Associated Press reports that Deborah Kerr, who is a state superintendent candidate, posted and deleted a tweet Tuesday in which she claimed to have been called the n-word as a teenager because—Black people, you should probably be sitting down for this one—“my lips were bigger than most and that was the reference given to me.”

From AP:

The tweet from Kerr’s account came in response to a question posed by the host of a podcast called Race Through Education, Madison Payton, who is also coordinator of curriculum and instruction at a New York City high school. Payton asked: “When was the first time someone called you the n-word? I was 18.”

Kerr responded: “I was 16 in high school and white — my lips were bigger than most and that was the reference given to me.”

OK, first of all...first of all...First. Of. All: What lips?

I swear every white person who has lips at all thinks they have big lips. In their minds, Angelina Jolie and Kerry Washington are the same. What they call “full lips” is the bare minimum for Black people’s standard for big ol’ mouth-meat.


Secondly, she’s lying.

I’d be willing to bet my next paycheck that never in Kissless Karen’s life has she ever been called nigger, nigga, negro, monkey, albino monkey, sis, sista, albino sis, colored person or a person of color. Not once. And definitely not because she has big lips—because she doesn’t.


Lastly—and probably most importantly—NOBODY WAS FUCKING TALKING TO YOU!

I’m not sure what it is about whiteness that gives white people the insatiable urge to insert themselves in every discussion, but it’s fucking weird.


Payton’s question was clearly directed towards Black people and geared towards giving Black folk space to speak on our experiences with racism. Wish-for-lips Wendy needed to stay out of it. Even if Pasty McRaisinsOnEverything had been called the n-word in school—which she probably hadn’t—that would not make her a victim of racism.

“The tweet was intended for Black/brown folks who have experienced significant trauma in their lives because of whiteness and white supremacy,” Payton told AP. “I’m disappointed that a white person, let alone a candidate for a very important position in education, would think that it is appropriate to use her experience in this space made for us.”


Anyway, according to the Wisconsin State Journal, Kerr’s bottom lip came out of hiding Wednesday so that she could apologize for the ill-advised tweet.

“Yesterday I posted a tweet in response to a post that dealt with the issue of racism,” Kerr said while waiting for her top lip to come out join the conversation (I’m guessing). “While not intending the post to be interpreted as racist, the post was itself insensitive and so I shut my account down and removed the comment.”


“I do not shy away from conversations about race,” she added. “In fact, I am very vocal about racism as it exists in its many forms and I intentionally point to it when I see it. I apologize for having posted something that was intended to be a part of the discussion of racism. I will continue to serve as a champion against racism in our schools and in our communities.”

Yeah, I’m sure Becky McMouthSkinAndTeeth is very vocal about “racism as it exists in its many forms”—which just sounds like wypipo speech for “the whites face racism too”—however, there’s a thin line (but not as thin as whatever she’s calling her lips) between being vocal and just taking up space. What she displayed Tuesday was definitely the latter.


But seriously: What fucking lips?

Zack Linly is a poet, performer, freelance writer, blogger and grown man lover of cartoons


Gameface doesn`t play nice with others

Honestly Mr. Linly, (and I have become an avid fan of your work) I think, in this case, you were a bit too wordy in your coverage of this...person. You could have addressed this article/woman simply with:

Bitch... please! Have a seat and close that open sore you call a mouth.

Succinct and covers all of the unnecessariness of her existence.