While the U.S. Nears 100,000 Coronavirus Deaths, Y’all's President Was Busy Golfing and Retweeting Racist, Sexist Trash

President Donald Trump walks from an SUV upon return to the White House in Washington, DC on May 23, 2020. Trump returned to the White House after spending the day at his Virginia golf club.
President Donald Trump walks from an SUV upon return to the White House in Washington, DC on May 23, 2020. Trump returned to the White House after spending the day at his Virginia golf club.
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President Trump looks like a tube of toothpaste swallowed a walrus. And because he’s president, we are forced to see what he looks like in a golf shirt. And because he’s always fucking golfing, we are always forced to see it. Despite America’s slow death march to 100,000 COVID-19 related deaths, the president of people who refuse to wear masks while partying at the Lake of the Ozarks spent this Memorial Day weekend on one of his shitty golf courses lying about his golf game and retweeting racist, sexist shit because that’s what men shaped like walruses do.


Because the president of people who believe their white privilege makes them immune to disease is also a racist, sexist bitch, when he wasn’t cheating at golf, he spent his down moments retweeting hurtful comments about women who wouldn’t spit on him if he was on fire.

From the Hill:

Several of the attacks Trump retweeted on Sunday came from former GOP congressional candidate John K. Stahl, who unsuccessfully ran in 2012 to represent California’s 52nd Congressional District.

In one tweet taking a swipe at [Stacey] Abrams’s appearance, later retweeted by Trump, Stahl wrote: “We just got a look at the official portrait for the self proclaimed Governor of Georgia. She fought a tough race, kissed a lot of babies and visited every buffet restaurant in the state. Joe will be a racist if he doesn’t pick her.”

The president also retweeted a post by Stahl that attacked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calf.). “Anyone know what’s going on with PolyGrip? I’ve noticed lately that her face seems glossy and she is sporting a poorly marked 2nd set of eyebrows,” Stahl tweeted.

In a second tweet attacking Pelosi’s appearance that appeared on Trump’s Twitter feed over the weekend, Stahl took a shot at the Speaker’s teeth, claiming she wore dentures, and wrote that she drank alcohol “on the job.”

Another post from Stahl that Trump retweeted referred to Clinton, who ran against Trump in the 2016 presidential election, as “HRC the Skank.”

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is coming from a man who looks like the personification of genital wart. If we ignore the obvious embarrassment that Trump continuously brings to the White House and focus on his patterns, then we know that when Trump starts attacking it’s because he’s worried, and he’s got a good reason to be: His mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic killed people. America is making a slow turn to full-on hatred of this trash bag filled with half-eaten powdered donuts masquerading as a president, and America is getting sick of his fucking golfing.

Golf is a touchy subject with the Trump administration. It works like this: Did a black man do it when he was in office? Yes? Then it’s totally fucked up! When a walrus-shaped president does it during a global fucking pandemic, Republicans, aka evil wypipo, don’t really give a shit.

Don’t believe me? Here’s White House press secretary Kayleigh McWhoGivesAShit making up a whole-ass lie on Obama golfing just so she could say how much she hates Obama golfing.


And here she is talking about Trump’s golf game during a global pandemic:


As it stands, “Trump has already spent 270% more days on a golf course than Obama had by the same point in his first term,” according to an analysis by HuffPost.

But here is Trump on Twitter blaming Obama, the media and Joe Biden for his insensitive ass golfing while people are dying under his eye.


And of course, none of Obama’s golf days happened while America was facing a record number of deaths during a global pandemic. But go off, sis.

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A black man is killed from a white man kneeling on his neck.

A white woman goes peak Karen and calls the cops because a black man tells her to properly leash her dog in the park.

A bunch of trashy white people make coronavirus soup in the Ozarks.

Trump keeps hissing and spitting his garbage per usual.


White people, when you look at me and think “there goes one uppity black bitch,” you bet your ass.