Samuel L. Jackson as Col. Nick Fury
Samuel L. Jackson as Col. Nick Fury

Samuel L. Jackson signed an unprecedented deal with Marvel Comics to star as Nick Fury, and it's got me wanting for more black super-heroes on-screen. I'm a comic book head from way back, although my taste now leans towards the more literary alt comics like this home-town favorite, but I'm still waiting for Black Superman, or some other black male protagonist whose super-power doesn't involve his sexual prowess. John Singleton's Luke Cage is on his way in 2011, and I hope that R. Hud will put together something on Black Panther for the big screen, as the 'toon gets prepped for TV.


I find Halle Berry unsatisfying as Storm and re-imagining Nick Fury as a brother, at first, seemed like weird stunt-casting for me. Unlike Berry, who needs to get angrier and more passionate to play the role, Jackson has the sound and the fury to pull off the grimey Col. Fury.

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